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Olive House - Set Kandungan Sihat

Olive House - Set Kandungan Sihat


1. Anti-allergic and skin2. Relieve fever and asthma3. Reduce the narrowing of blood vessels due to the accumulation of plaque (atherosclerosis)4. Assist in maintaining the stability of prostate cancer patients5. Contribute to good cholesterol and helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels6. Helps act as anti-cancer and prevent the formation of cancer cells7. Helps prevent obesity8. Help take care of the acne problem9. Helps prevent allergies for maternal and infant brain development in the womb10.Pectin in pomegranate help normalize the digestive tract


Antioxidants in pomegranate juice and goodness

Good for the heart and blood vessels. Ellagitannins is an antioxidant that can only be found in delima.Ia help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and prevent athersclerosis (accumulation of fat in the arteries)
 Ellagitannins in pomegranates has helped prevent cancer cells become active and growing2. TANNIN ACIDS
 Tannin acid is a potent antioxidant found in pomegranates are beneficial to health as it helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, anti-cancer and support the immune system of the body3. ANTHOCYANINAnthocyanins are antioxidants that are rich in pomegranate juice. It protects tissues from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and help mengurangka inflammationStudies show that antioxidants are diverse and rich in pomegranate juice reduces inflammation and thickening of the arterial wall. It helps prevent strokes and heart healthThe Jus Delima-Granata

100% PURE NATURAL JUICE Pomegranate NFC (Not From Concentrate)

NFC is a term used to Az-Granata pomegranate juice produced by direct extraction of fresh pomegranates through technologies that preserve the fresh flavor of pomegranate and efficacy of nutrients in it

 PNEUMATIC MEMBRANE PRESS - extraction technology that maintain a level of 'tannin acid in pomegranate juice pomegranate Az-Granata Ultrafiltration - filtration technology to maintain the concentration of vitamins and micro elements in pomegranate juice Az-Granata Pasteurization - anti bacterial technology that ensures vitamins and micro elements. Allows Pomegranate juice Az-Granata stored without any preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring added

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